Is my site online or offline?

Do the no-obligation 'quick scan' and discover the options to always keep an eye on your site. Yes, even while you sleep.

    Because your website

    must be online day and night

    Nothing is more important than your website. We understand that. With the Is My Site Online tool we keep an eye on things. Always, day and night. Is there something wrong? Then we immediately make an alarm via email, SMS and / or WhatsApp and, if you wish, we also immediately inform your programmers and hosting party.

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    Has my site been hacked?

    Our tool checks for the most important variables every minute

    If your website has been hacked, you want to know as soon as possible to limit the damage. At a time when hackers are becoming smarter and more ingenious and massively 'attack' websites, the Is My Site Online tool can help you stay in control. And does it unexpectedly go wrong? Then our team of experts is ready to assist you with advice and assistance.

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    How can I be sure...

    Is my site offline?

    Control X three

    Before reporting a problem, theIs My Site Onlinetool checks in three ways:
    1: it does a status check (can the site be loaded),
    2: it does a visual check (does the screenshot largely match the previous ones) and
    3: it does a technical check (is the source code of the website radically changed).

    After analyzing these three points, the alarm is raised or not.

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    Website Downtime

    In case you want to know...

    Is my site safe?

    The online website checker also checks for security risks

    Our Is My Site Onlinetool not only checks the status of the website but also provides valuable suggestions to improve your website security. With the online security scan, which is included as standard with every package, you can easily reduce the risks.
    Do you need help with this? No problem! Our experts are ready for you.

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    Is my site offline?

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